파란색 링크만 변경해주면 임의 실행 변경 가능.



 $(function() {


   height: 200,

   holderClass: 'custom',

   showClose: true,

   showCloseText: 'Close',

   enableStackAnimation: true,

   onBlurContainer: '.container',

   template: '<p>So implement your design and place content here! If you want to close modal, please hit "Esc", click somewhere on the screen or use special button.</p>' +


   '<div>' +

   '<a href="LINK1" target="_blank" class="github">Avgrund on Github</a>' +

   '<a href="LINK2" target="_blank" class="twitter">Twitter</a>' +

   '<a href="LINK3" target="_blank" class="dribble">Dribbble</a>' +    







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